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I know, I’ve only been here two months… but here’s a little secret for you. The job I got, the one that put my foot in the door and made moving to Denver an actual reality… I hated it. It turned out to be nothing like what I was expecting it to be. I knew I had to grin and bare it for the mean time considering moving across country is expensive and my savings account had been depleted. But the fact is, it’s a lot easier getting a job in Denver once you’re already here.

I started applying for new jobs a few weeks ago. I had a few nibbles but nothing too exciting. One day I got a call from an amazing woman who wanted to talk to me about an interesting position I might be interested in.

We talked for a while, a couple of times, and boy did she have me excited. First of all, an office that is modern and sleek but also warmly invites my dog to join me at my desk??? Yes, please. Penny will be overjoyed! Secondly, a small office that is full of people who are rowdy and a little ridiculous at work? Work hard, play hard… I’m still interested. And an owner who has a heart of gold and wants everyone to be happy, fashionable and yet busy at work? You’re joking, right?

It sounds silly, I know. But the environment is exactly as described. I had two interviews with the recruiter, one with the team and one with the owner. I counter-offered, as expected, and it was accepted. I started the next day. I’m now managing an interior design firm and enjoying each day of it. It is definitely more work than I’m used to with mortgages, but I like the constant flow much more than the sitting and waiting around that is associated with my previous jobs. Even though I’m still training and asking a million questions, I feel more important, much more ‘needed’ here than at my old cubical jobs too. I can see this turning into a position I grow to love, an office that will feel like home.

Thanks for being patient readers – I know it’s been a little while.