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I have been busy. Moving to Denver left me busy anyway. I got here, made friends and have had my hands full ever since. Adventures, pot lucks, sporting events, bar nights, shopping sprees, dates, laughs, bike rides, scoots, mountain hikes… the list goes on and on.

Throw my best friends from Michigan on top of all that and you have yourself a very happy and excited but also very tired Sara.

Andrea came about two weeks ago now. She arrived on a Thursday morning, I picked her up from the airport and then headed back to work for the rest of the day. That night we hit up downtown for dinner and wine then scooted around the city letting her see all the sights. We saw downtown, a few parks, and then ended up on Broadway for drinks for the rest of the night.

The next day I had to work and she did some exploring and relaxing on her own. Later that evening we headed to LoDo for drinks and to see friends. It was a long night, left me a little dead, but she had a great time. Saturday we hit up the Cultivate Festival and saw Cold War Kids perform live. After the show we got some dinner and headed to my frequent hole-in-the-wall for a night out with the gang.

Sunday we went for a hike at Loveland Pass, I packed for typical mountain weather (raaaaaiiinnnn) but we were surprised to arrive just in time for large hail that pounded down on us. We decided to just explore the site, take some pictures and save the actual hike for next time. We headed back to Denver, enjoyed a long overdue nap and then headed out to cheesman for wine and live salsa music. We ended the night with a delicious Mexican meal in my neighborhood.

Monday I woke up early, went to my final interview with my current job, immediately drove to my previous job and quit, and then headed back to the apartment to pick Andrea up just in time for brunch in town.  After brunch we hit the mall then the museum of Nature and Science. The museum was interesting but incredibly packed and we decided to skip out 2/3 of the way through due to the crowds.

Spent the rest of the night with some more friends, headed home early for me to start my first day at my new job the next day.

Driving her back to the airport was heartbreaking as usual, saying goodbye is always hard especially knowing the next chunk of time before seeing each other will be longer than the previous two months that just passed. But Christmas will come quickly enough…

Stay tuned for part 2.