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Almost immediately after Andrea left on that Tuesday, Eric arrived on Friday. I picked him up from DIA immediately after work and we headed back to the apartment to change and head back out again. We came across this fantastic BBQ place called Yazoo’s and I must say, I HIGHLY recommend it. We walked in and they invited us upstairs for a beer, turns out that was the very first night their brand new upstairs bar was open! We got two free beers, ate some amazing bbq sandwiches and really enjoyed the place. Seriously, if you live in Denver, check out Yazoo’s and their brand new bar! The owner and bartenders were very friendly and the bar had a roof patio with indoor and outdoor seating and some games to play. Great view too!

After Yazoo’s we met up with my friends at Wynkoop Brewery and hung out there for a few hours until we decided to head home. We had an early morning to tend too so we left a little earlier than a typical night on the town would call for.

Saturday morning we woke up bright and early and headed to Idaho Springs for ZIP-LINING!! Another bucket list dream I can cross off my list!!! We had an amazing time. Again… highly recommend it! So much fun:

zip zipp

Saturday night Eric and I hit the town for some dinner and drinks (interrupted momentarily by a work event I went too, which was also super fun, and while I was busy Eric went exploring the mountains on his own) and then headed to another part of town to meet up with my friends again. We had a great time and then headed home late.

[At this point, something else happens. But I think it calls for an entire separate post which I will write at another date. But when I reference Saturday night when Eric was in town, this is the time that post took place].

Sunday Eric and I headed up to the mountains. Eric got some great pictures and we got to talk a bunch before he had to head back to Michigan. We ate lunch in the mountains and then headed back to the airport for his return flight home.

It was amazing to see him and Andrea the week prior. Next visitor TRACY and then ELIZABETH!!! Many more tour guide posts to come =)