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There are things in everyone’s life they wish they could change in some way. I don’t mean regrets, or past experiences you should have done differently, I mean deep down, personality traits, practically genetic codes that make you the person you are. Maybe some are changeable, I guess but… whatever. You’ll see what I mean.

I wish I was smarter. It’s one of my biggest flaws. I’m smart enough; I know plenty of things and understand many concepts and theories and can carry on intelligent conversations. I have street smarts like no other, I have a 4.0 in common sense. 95% of the time I can always tell you which way is north and how to get back home, even if you drop me in the middle of nowhere. I not terrible with grammar, spelling, or pronunciation.  I can problem solve, even in situations where I am uninformed.  But I’m not that book smart. Not enough to satisfy my own desire for intelligence. I wish I could carry on conversations about science, governmental policies, and foreign nations.  I wish I was obsessed with classic literature, or poetry, or Shakespeare.

I didn’t try very hard in school. I didn’t care at all about high school and I got through college as fast I could, not caring as much about the quality of my education as I did about the expected graduation date. I just wanted to be an adult. I didn’t care about environmental science or Roman Literature or World History in the 1700’s.

I wish I would have cared more.

I’m plenty smart. I am. I’m hardworking and when I do need to learn something, I don’t quit until I fully understand what I need to understand. If I went back to college now I honestly believe I’d be a great student. But unfortunately, due to the grades I received my first time around, and the lack of financial support I have, going back and having a re-do isn’t an option.

So that’s it. That’s my view on my one big personal flaw. I have many flaws, as does any person, but this is the one I’d change if I could make a major change in my life.  Don’t take education for granted kids… you really will want to know this stuff someday.