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Technically, this time I wasn’t a tour guide.

Tracy arrived on a Thursday morning at 7:20am. Earrrrlllyyy. I worked most of the day after picking her up from the airport, but I was pretty sick (still am, day 12) with the worst cold I have ever had in my life, and ended up heading home around 3pm. Tracy explored the city on her own until I got home, and then about an hour after I got home we went to run some errands on Scootie (my scooter, duh) and to my shock and surprise, my license plate had been stolen. The bolts were sitting right on the ground next to it, license plate no where to be found. By the time I did the police report and dealt with the general frustration included – I was definitely ready for a beer.

Tracy and I headed over to Gov’n’r Park to watch the Broncos game – per Tracy’s request, and after the dreaded situation of parking a car in that neighborhood instead of my easy-peasy scooter we finally got to partake in a couple of beers.

After the game we met up with with some of my friends who happened to be inside the bar the entire time we were on the patio. We hung out for a little while but went home early enough for me to get to bed and arrive at work on time and refreshed Friday morning.

Tracy met me for lunch on Friday, and after work we went shopping. I FINALLY bought a vacuum and now my apartment is truly clean again! It was a perfect night for the roof so we decided to stay at my apartment hanging out on the roof with margaritas all night. We talked all night and it was great.

Saturday we went to Ikea, Tracy had never been to one and I had to change that immediately. I bought the lighting I had been wanting for my living room and Tracy installed it for me later that day. She’s much handier than I am. I made a big lunch and we enjoyed some relaxation time.

After lunch we relaxed for awhile and then went out to watch the Michigan – Notre Dame game. After dinner and football we headed to another bar with my main group of friends, and then to late night pizza.

Sunday, my favorite day of every week, we went to continue my weekly tradition that I almost never miss. Wine and sunshine at Cheesman Park. This time we brought monopoly and Kan-Jam and made it a day of games. After a couple hours of fierce competition, we decided on Italian food and OYSTERS for dinner! I’d been wanting to try oysters for a while and right there in line to try them with me. We had an array of choices and liked opposite flavors and styles, but we were both highly satisfied!

After dinner we explored some dive bars, took a long walk and eventually made our way home to bed. Monday I worked all day and then took her back to the airport in the afternoon.

It was a wonderful visit. Out of all the people I know, I think Tracy is the person most suited for Denver and the lifestyle here…. and she’s the one person who is tied to Michigan with almost no chance of ever being able to actually live here (unless of course she marries rich and gets a second home in the great state of Colorado! C’mon Tracy…. get him! haha).