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Before I had a Kobo (which is the Canadian version of a Kindle, basically), I was pretty against the idea of having an e-reader. I loved the feel of real books. I like page numbers and bookmarks and PAPER!

But, alas, I eventually came across Kobo on my blackberry, and found reading in an electric format so much better, for me at least. I liked being able to scroll through it on my phone, like a really, really long text message. It was so easy for me to fly through chapters at break neck speeds! I’ve always been a fast reader, but the amount of time spent flipping pages is shocking!

I started reading more and more books on the kobo app on my blackberry and less and less of the paper versions. I liked being able to “go to the bookstore” and buy a book right from my couch.

I became more and more infatuated with reading (which seems hard to believe because I’ve always been a bookworm) once I started reading “electronically”. I can’t really explain why I like it better than reading from a book, except just the convenience factors, but I really do love it. Sometimes I’ll come across a “real” book and want to read it, and I’ll take me three times as long. Partially because I can’t carry a book with me everywhere I go, and partially because I just don’t enjoy it in the same way. I agree that it doesn’t make sense.  But that’s just how it is for me.

About a year after I discovered the Kobo app on my blackberry, I gave in and bought the actual Kobo Tablet (more specifically I bought the Kobo Vox), which was an android, but I bought it anyway. I read and read and read. I was so happy, until…. I bought my iPhone (only four months after that). The Kobo app on my iPhone was 100 times better than my actual Kobo tablet! Oh no! I found myself preferring to read on my tiny iPhone screen, even though there is absolutely nothing wrong with the tablet, I just hate the android operating system!

So, another 7 months goes by. At this time now I’ve owned the Kobo for less than a year and barely have used it, and I upgrade to an iPad. My old laptop was becoming a problem and since I’m not a student and have no use for a full laptop at home, I took the iPad route. Now I really, never, ever will touch that Kobo Tablet again. :-/

If you happen to come across this page because you’re googling for a Kobo review: let me tell you this. As an e-book company I think they’re absolutely wonderful. Their book selection is enormous, their prices are fair. Their apps for Apple and Blackberry (circa 2011 at least) are tip top. The tablets they sell work well, even though they’re not as popular as a kindle, they work just as well. The color screens are vivid, the landscape mode is awesome for cookbooks. The internet capabilities are wonderful for an e-reader. The Kobo Vox was a wonderful e-reader and if I wasn’t so annoyed with Androids I probably would’ve really liked it. So if you are happy and comfortable with Androids… get one! Yes! I highly recommend it. But if you’re an apple person… just get the Kobo app and stick it to your apple product. I promise you’ll be happier.