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Penny, Penny, Penny, Penny.

For years I’ve been talking about Penny.

I fell in love with an idea of a perfect baby Boston Terrier girl that I would name Penny.  Then I gave her up and moved to Colorado with hopes of starting fresh out here and finding my true Penny here.

I started looking into rescues as soon as I arrived. Boston Terrier breeders are super rare in Colorado (they aren’t mountain climbing dogs) and the ones that do exist sell their Boston’s for $1200+. So, realistically speaking, in order for me to afford a puppy and all the care involved, I’d be making myself rent poor for awhile to come.

The more I looked into the local Boston Terrier rescue the more I fell in love with these dogs. I stopped caring whether I ended up with a boy or a girl, or whether I got a puppy or a full grown dog. However, all the ones I’d request information for would either already be pending an adoption or wouldn’t be apartment qualified or whatever other reason that would stop me from being able to adopt.

I started considering mixes. The rescue has Boston Terrier rescues and Boston mix rescues. I started looking at local shelters too, but my heart was still really set on a Boston or a Boston mix. I’m hooked on them, I can’t help it.

One evening as I was snuggled up on the couch thinking AGAIN about my desperate need for a dog. It honestly wasn’t a want anymore, it was a need. Now was the time for me. Now was the time in my life for a dog. NOW! I had requested information on so many dogs and none were working out. I pulled up the rescue site, which I had started doing approximately ten times per day, and there was Aspen, first on the page, looking back at me. I died.

I immediately melted all over the couch. That face! Those ears! His itty bitty puppy body. MUST HAVE.

JasperI knew I had to send the email. email now. must. have. puppy.

And my worrisome brain kicked in. He’s the opposite of what I want. He’s a boy. He’s mixed with a beagle. Beagles are hyper and they howl. I want a nice, quiet, tiny Boston female. Who is lazy. and snuggly. I do not want a barking boy Beagle-Boston baby. AND he’s BROWN! I want my little black and white baby. Dammit.

But, desire overwhelmed me and I sent the email anyway.

A week or so went by. I obsessively checked my email, expecting a rejection at any moment. Look at that adorable face, and a puppy face at that… there is no way I’ll get him. He must have hundreds of applications.

But each time I checked, I found myself hoping more and more. And each time I looked the available dogs for adoption, I found he was the one I really had my heart set on. I didn’t care that he was a beagle mix, or a boy,  or brown or energetic. I wanted him.

I finally sent another email, asking for an update on my application. Almost immediately after I got a call from Alexis, his foster mom. We chatted for a few minutes and decided Aspen was the right dog for me. He was mine.

She sent me more pictures, and I truly fell in love. I renamed him Jasper because I think it suits him better.

photoI mean, really, look at that little Jasper face.

So, some time went by. I got more and more anxious. Turns out I’m not exactly patient when it comes to finally getting a dog and then not being able to actually have him in person right then and there.

His foster mom, Alexis, have stayed in touch with pictures and conversation. I adore her. I’m so thankful that she was his foster mom and no one else was. She truly has been amazing. And the rescue continued working to find a transport from MO to CO.

It’s been a week since I was officially approved already. Jasper left Alexis today, but won’t arrive into my arms until Thursday.

Three days and two hours left. That’s it. Then I’ll finally have him.

But, unfortunately, that’s only about 18 hours before I leave for Michigan… sigh. But thankfully in my three months in Denver I’ve made amazing friends, one of whom can’t wait to take baby Jasper for three days. Then, Monday, September 30th, I’ll finally be able to start my life with Jasper. Long walks, fetch, snuggles and all the other amazing things that come along with a companion, especially one starting as a puppy. I can’t wait.

I’d like to HIGHLY recommend the Mid-America Boston Terrier Rescue if you’re in the thirteen states that they service. And if you’re not, please look into rescues anyway. You will find what you’re looking for if you’re patient and willing to go through all the details of each dog, and you’ll be giving a second chance to someone who needs it.