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Since starting my new job and enjoying the little things in Denver, I decided to take a little splurge and subscribe to one of those little sample boxes that people get in the mail.

I went through all the options like Birchbox, Ipsy and probably five or six others and decided on Beauty Army. I’m super happy with my decision. The biggest difference between it and the others is that you get to actually pick what comes in your box. I like that option a lot more than being surprised (even though being surprised is fun) because I KNOW I won’t end up with a bunch of little bottles and tubes that will never get used. You get six samples that you chose (decent sized samples. I read a lot of complaints about other boxes having samples so incredibly tiny that they weren’t realistically usable for even a single application. All of mine I can use twice or more easily. Some of them I’ll be using for months, especially lotions) and sometimes you get surprised with a seventh sample that you didn’t choose on top of the others.

You start off by filling out a profile with your age and preferences, but if you don’t like what you get to choose from, you can go back and click other preferences and see if your options change. It can be a little bit of a treasure hunt but I have yet to be disappointed with my options.

Point of my story here… I haven’t tried the other sample boxes, but I don’t feel the need to either. I’m really pleased with Beauty Army and highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in trying out sample boxes. I know that when I was looking for info I read a lot of blogs, so I wanted to add my own.