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Now, as I mentioned before, I’m not attending Christmas back home with my family, and as a horrible side effect of that fact, I’m also missing out on Baby Munro’s first Christmas, and first month here on our planet.

There were multiple reasons that went into this decision. Unfortunately, this decision can’t be changed. However, again, I promise to come home asap in the new year.

Moving on…

My plan in the meantime:

Since I live in a city where everyone is from somewhere else, I know that by staying here I’ll be completely alone for about 9 days.

I’ll be fine. I’m not even sure my office will be open at that time. If it is, obviously I’ll continue working. If it’s not, I’ll spend a great deal amount of time exploring the Holiday season in Denver, just Jasper and I experiencing something we’ve never experienced before.

As for actual Christmas, I’m planning on heading down to Santa Fe. Christmas in a desert… something I’ve never done before. By going with just Jasper, I’ll get to experience some serious Sara time. It’ll be a learning experience. It’ll be good. I’ve already found my dog-friendly and yet affordable hotel and made up a little map of the places I want to see.

I really think it’ll be interesting. All that time alone, exploring a city I’ve never seen, trying out local restaurants and bars, seeing the popular tourist attractions, maybe seeing a play or a concert. The choices are endless, and I can literally do anything I want.

Obviously. I’ll update in a few months with how it goes. Until then…