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Jasper is doing wonderfully.

As of yesterday he is now four months old! Such a big boy! I feel like he’s doubled in size since I got him, and he’s got plenty of growing left to do.

I have had Jasper now only three weeks and four days.

It kind of feels like I’ve always had him, for years. Yet at the same time there are days I turn around and see him looking at me and think ‘oh, right, he lives here too’.

There were a lot of aspects of getting this specific puppy that really worried me. First, the beagle in him. I knew I’d never be able to trust him without his leash because his little nose will take him anywhere it wants to go, and this has proven to be true. I won’t even attempt it, because even on a leash I know how badly he wants to run off in whatever direction he senses.

Second, beagles howl. I was terrified to end up with a barky dog. However, I’ve found that not only does Jasper barely ever bark, he doesn’t really even whine either. He’s incredibly quiet. I’m so very thankful for this.

Crate training has gone really well. He’s at the point where he doesn’t whine in his crate at night and most nights sleeps all the way through. No more middle of the night potty breaks. Yes! He’s good during the day too. My neighbors say that they don’t hear him through the day, and when I come home from work I can walk through the whole house and won’t hear him complain.

Lately I’ve even been attempting letting him sleep outside of his cage, in his little bed on the floor. It’s going AMAZINGLY well. He doesn’t get antsy or annoying or whiney. I just sleeps all night and sticks his little nose on my bed when my alarm goes off at 6:45am.

He’s phenomenally better on the leash now. 90% of the time he stays right with me. The only time he doesn’t is a mix of puppy and beagle nose. The puppy side of him wants to catch every single leaf that scurries across the sidewalk. It’s October… there are a million leaves. The nose on him wants to follow every single path that every single other dog or person or squirrel has taken. But he’s very good about staying with me when I tell him he has too.

He’s perfect at “sit”.

He still refuses to “lay down”

He’s not terrible at “stay” but he gets excited and runs to me before I tell him he can. But I can’t deny that he does stay for awhile while I walk away from him or around the house. He’s just impatient and wants his cookie.

We just started working on “shake” and “roll over”.

He’s 50/50 at coming when he’s called. Sometimes he does, sometimes he doesn’t. We’re working on it….

AND the biggest and most exciting update of the day, is that last week he finally, FINALLY started letting me know that he wants to go outside for potty. Before, he’d just wait until we went out, which was good because he wasn’t having too many accidents, but now he actually goes to the door and tells me it’s time to go outside! This has made my life drastically easier. Happy girl right here.

This picture is the day I got him, and a few days ago. He’s grown SO MUCH!

photo (2)

That’s my update. More to come.