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October has always been my absolute favorite time of the year. In Michigan, it was day after day of warm sunshine and a cool, brisk breeze. The leaves on the trees aren’t just orange and yellow. No, they’re shades of gold and deep reds, burgundies, as well as ten different shades of oranges and yellows… opposite a bright blue sky and depending on where you are, fantastic lakeside views…

beaverisland fallOctober always start with a crisp feeling in the air. Slight moisture with each exhale, but warm enough that a hoodie or scarf will get you through the day. My memories of Michigan are mainly cold, gray skies, rain and snow…. except in October. October is when Michigan shines in it’s glory.

Everyone who knows me knows that every year I pick one day to bask in all things October. I throw on a hoodie and some boots and I go with my loved ones to a cider mill, I enjoy cider and a donut, a caramel apple, and I go pick out my pumpkins. I have a favorite place to do this of course, and that is Spicers – Fenton MI. However, they’re all the same. Baked goods, wine tastings, pumpkins, apples, sometimes berries to pick yourself or take home pre-gathered. Hay rides, corn mazes, activites for the kids and usually a small petting zoo type area with the local farm animals.

imagesIt’s just the perfect day for me. It’s calm and relaxing, enjoying outdoors and the season. It’s a pure happy Sara day.

Now, I’m in Colorado.

It’s October 22nd, its freezing in the morning, snow and frost. It’s hot in the afternoons. There is no crisp feeling. The leaves are either yellow or still green. Two plain flat simple colors. No contrast, no excitement.

In my eyes, It’s Colorado’s biggest flaw. It honestly depresses me a little.

Secondly, there aren’t any cider mills. Yea, I just said NO CIDER MILLS. There are pumpkin patches, hayrides, corn mazes, haunted houses and the usual… but there is no cider. There is no walking through the rows of fresh apples popping off the trees.

Third… my beloved Witches Brew…. When October began I started off with a big fresh pot of potato soup, as usual. Then I remembered my sweet, delicious October tradition of Witches Brew. I immediately went to my little local wine shop… and they’d never heard of it. Okay, fine, so I went to a bigger place in town… or should I say the BIGGEST place in town… and they’d never heard of it.


Turns out it’s ONLY SOLD IN MICHIGAN (and a few other nearby cities). Because it’s made by Leelanau Cellars…! Oh if only I had known! I took it for granted for all that time!!!

I attempted an October day on Sunday, tried to make the best of it.. it was freezing, and almost immediately started to downpour. I’ll try again next week… but needless to say… I’m thoroughly disappointed in Colorado’s version of October, and next year I’ll be making a trip to Michigan around this time to make sure I get my fix.