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There are a lot of people saying “don’t shop on Thanksgiving” and this is something I agree with. It’s a holiday, stores should be closed, people should be with their families.  Then there are those who are like “quite your bitching, if you don’t want to shop on Thanksgiving, then don’t”. But this isn’t about the people wanting to shop or not, it’s about their companies who are requiring their employees to work. With Black Friday being what it has become, stores that are open are making it mandatory to be work that day, for the rushes and the sales. Boycotting Thanksgiving shopping unfortunately can’t help this years employees, but if we can make an impact by keeping stores empty, we can force the decision of stores staying closed in the future.

I don’t usually weigh into arguments, especially facebooky-public ones. But this one I care about. I don’t come from a family that has money. I come from a family that must work if work is available, and if they were employed at establishments that we’re open on Thanksgiving, they’d be there.  They’d miss seeing their family, some of which they only see one day a year, and they’d be at work. This is an American Holiday. (and, Canadian I guess… in October, for their own, similar but not exact reasons, so I’ll say North American Holiday). This is not about religion or ethnicity. This is a holiday is meant for nothing other than caring about those you love and having thanks for what you have, who you have, and the life you live. For everyone.

The United States is so worried about spending what money they have, they forget the reason they have it. It’s not go shopping or get the best deal, it’s to live. It’s to live with what you have and what you can have.

I shake my head at our country every day.