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I actually wrote this a month ago, and the next couple of posts too. Sorry about that… It’s been a busy few months.


I’m sure I’ve written this post ten times in the last seven months, and I’m continuously repeating myself, and it may seem like I have absolutely nothing else to say anymore. But, I can’t help it. I wake up most mornings and I go about my daily routine. I walk Jasper, I get ready for work, I work. I go home and I hang out with friends or I just play with a puppy all evening. Sometimes I go out into the city or I hang out around my neighborhood. I go to bed. I start again the following day.

But sometimes I wake up into something that feels like I’m still dreaming. I remember how hard I worked to get here, I remember how many years I planned to be here. I remember how many years I set aside my dreams and dealt with other things in my life. I remember the day I decided to move here, with much pushing from a few family members and friends… and I look around and remember that I AM HERE.

I remember that I had a dream and now it’s my reality. I remember how drastically and dramatically I changed my entire life.

I’ve realized in the last few weeks that I’m no longer interested in most the things I’ve been interested in for my adult life. I no longer fill my head with the things I used to think about. I no longer seek out the activities I used to pass time with, because, that’s all I was really doing. I was passing time.

I think back to my first few days and weeks here. I was alone in a strange place and yet for the first time in my life entire life I was perfectly comfortable. I was home. I’ve been here six months and I know in my heart that I have no intention of moving back to Michigan. I have no intention of ever really leaving Denver. I can’t imagine feeling this kind of fulfillment anywhere else. Some things you just know. This is one of those things.

I have to say again that I am incredibly lucky to have the support from my closest friends and family in Michigan. They pushed me to follow my dreams and they’ve kept in daily contact with me since. Three of my four closest friends have already visited, and my parents are trying to come in the following months. I couldn’t be more lucky, I really couldn’t. I have found amazing people here in Denver and I’m able to keep the amazing people I left back home.

Okay I’m done. blah blah blah Sara is happy… we get it. I’ll try to stop now.