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I’ve written about your blog once or twice here in my own blog. It’s nothing special, don’t waste the time looking for it.

To anyone who isn’t aware of her blog, I’ll post a link at the bottom.

Now. Kelton, I started reading your blog because I saw a post on lovelyish, which is apart of xanga. Which, is a blogging site that I don’t think very many people use anymore. It was a post about the most inspiring blogs written by really awesome women. I started reading at work, during a slow time, and literally couldn’t stop. I’d come home from work and continue reading, I’d head to work and not get anything done, the cycle continued. This was sometime in 2012 I think, and it took me a couple weeks (months?) to read the entire thing. It was LONG.

There were times I adored you and times I felt you were completely despicable. But through reading, I found myself more aware of how pathetic I was at times in my own life. I found myself getting stronger as I continued to read. I stopped being everyone’s doormat and starting paying attention the things I actually cared about, not just the things I was told to care about.

There were times I felt like we were growing together. Granted, I was reading entire weeks of your life in a few hours, but I was catching up to you, slowly.

I made big changes in my life. I emailed you, you approved. I was thrilled. I wasn’t looking for confirmation, I was looking for a friendly reminder that my choices are mine, and you said exactly what you were supposed to say in that moment. You were a friend from afar, as you are to so many girls.

You taught me so many things, but the one thing you have proved with your blog is truly how much we all have in common. All these woman from all over have read and loved your blog, we’ve asked you questions about life and love and we’ve gotten advice that fits us all in some way. Deep down we are all the same. We are women, and in some way you have made a way to show us how wonderful that can be. Through pain, and friends, and love and life. Through music and books and interests and moving from state to state, you’ve found a way to bring us all together.

Is it strange to be proud of someone you barely know? But then again, I do know you. We have gotten to know you and you have gotten to know us. That’s my point here. You’ve brought us all together.

You are the type of person we all strive to be like, which is funny because really, you’re just a person. You have your faults and your unkept goals and your own personal fails. But to us, you’re the one who is doing it all; Experiencing everything and doing it all with a kick ass outfit.

So thank you. As I said in a tweet to you once, you really are the internet’s big sister. It’s the most fitting tagline I’ve ever seen. I’m very excited for your book, even though I’ve already read it. It’ll be nice to say “a friend of mine wrote this”. Look at you, you’re famous!

Anyone who doesn’t know what I’m talking about, check out her original work at datebynumbers.tumblr.com. Through it you can find her Thought Catalog and other works.

Thanks for listening to my happy-rant.