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I get so many requests for information on my dog. SO MANY.

By popular demand…!



First and foremost, he has his own instagram Go! Now! Jaspergram1 

Secondly. He is a Boglen Terrier. Some call them boggles but I don’t, because there are a lot of debates on the specific mix that makes a “boggle” while Boston Terrier/Beagle mixes are straight up just known as Boglen Terriers.

He’s my prince charming monster. He is the sweetest animal I’ve ever known. Honestly, just genuinely sweet. Mild tempered, caring, snuggly. Yet at the same time he’s a hyper beast who wants to run at high speeds and destroy things. Just depends on the day. The one thing I can say for sure is that he brings me much much much more joy than he does frustration.


Boglen Terriers are supposed to be around 25-30 pounds full grown, however mine was the biggest of his litter and is already 31 pounds at 7 months old. His little brothers are much smaller from what I hear, I keep in contact with their owners via facebook.

He is mild mannered, great with kids, adults,dogs, cats, whatever. I live in a very busy community and we meet 10 dogs or so on each walk we take. We go to the dog parks and we meet and play with strangers regularly. He’s always pretty well behaved. He is a little stubborn sometimes, but that is part of his personality. And to be completely honest it’s more or less because he wants to snuggle or play or hang out with you and doesn’t want to do whatever it is he’s being told to do instead. However, he’s still a puppy and I believe that’ll change as he continues to settle down and grow up.


He’s silly and I adore him.

He was more expensive than I was expecting, but at the same time he isn’t insanely ridiculously expensive like I kept being told he would be. I buy him toys as he wears them out and they need replacing. I buy him bones all the time because nothing can distract him better than a bone when there are things I need to do. I bought him a bed that was way too big for him, but he loves it so that’s fine by me. I go to an affordable clinic for his care, which took some digging to find, but I found it and I like it. The money that is spent is worth it. 100%.

I got him through a boston terrier rescue. I HIGHLY recommend looking into rescues FIRST if you want a dog. His personality is mostly boston, except his little beagle nose which he never takes off the ground. He sniffs his way through life.

He is brindle. In pictures he looks black, brown, kind of golden in the right light. He has perfect little brindle strips, with white accents. (best picture I can find of that is here: the top corner. sleep stripes):


Okay well, feel free to ask any questions you have!!! I have gotten request for information, and a lot of people end up on my page because they type “boglen” into google and end up here (thanks google! haha). I can talk about Jasper all day so please, give me the opportunity.

Thanks all, have a lovely day.