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2014 is my year of betterment.

2013 was my year that I knew was going to be amazing. I knew my life would be changing but I didn’t know how, and it sure did change. The end of a very long and serious relationship, my move to Denver, I got my dog, a roommate, a change in career type, and the start of a new relationship.. the list goes on. I knew it would be life changing in somehow, but I never imagined it would’ve been as big and as amazing as it was.

2014 however, 2014 is my big year of betterment.

I’ve been staying up late making lists, which, if you know me.. well, I don’t know. I guess there isn’t a point there, it’s just something I do. Every couple of months my mind comes back around and looks over my life and starts creating lists. Things I’m doing well, things I need to be better with. Last night was my list making night and overall, I’m highly impressed with how much happier, healthier and just overall more wonderful not then I ever have been before. Life is truly good. There are, however, always things that can be better.

I’ve come up with plans, big plans. They’re all just things to do in my free time, but they exist and I’m excited for them. Some of which I’ve wanted to do for years but never felt I had the ability to accomplish. For the first time I have the confidence and motivation to really put my heart into these projects that have always been on my back burner.

I can’t wait to introduce you to the things I’m working on. I’m not ready for my big showcase yet, but there will be one, and I’m really hoping all my hard work pans out. You’ll see the news on the blog. I’m hoping within the next two weeks.

More to come… =)