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My writers block has disappeared. I can’t stop writing lately.

I’ve been keeping up on my entries here, I have an ENTIRE other blog I’m working on that has yet to be published publicly and the amount of actual paper I’m going through at home these last few weeks is ridiculous.

I have so much energy lately. I really feel ready to take on the world. I’ve had my morning smoothie every day since Christmas and I can honestly feel the SLAM of nutrients and vitamins. I am more awake, I am healthier, I am vibrant and AWAKE.

I’m also back into my fitness routine. I’ve been back doing my yoga no less than twice a week for a couple of months now, and I’m seeing the results. My body just works better when I’m doing my regular yoga. I love it.

As far as a general life update, as I’ve mentioned I’m working on a couple of my 2014 goals, the other blog is one of them, I’m cooking more at home (no where near as often as when I lived in Michigan, but that’s the one big difference between living with your significant other and not living with your significant other). I’m saving money and paying down my debt faster than I ever have before.

My parents are coming to visit the end of May. I’m incredibly excited. For the first time I’m really proud of my life and I can’t wait to share some of it with them. 119 more days til they arrive. YAY countdowns. Anyone who has been reading my blog for a while you know how much I love having a countdown.

As for travel plans for 2014 there are a few things on my MUST DO list.

First – MESA VERDE. Duh. It’s been on my bucket list since fifth grade and now I live within driving distance of it.

Mesa-Verde-National-Park-Cliff-Palace-2Second – I just MUST go snowmobiling in the mountains. MUST! It’ll be wonderful.

Feb11 037Because really? Why wouldn’t you want to do that???

And my final really important travel goal is my trip to Indy in July for Trevor and Elizabeth’s wedding. I will max out credit cards for that wedding. I don’t care. PRIORITIES PEOPLE!

Ok that’s all for todayyy enjoyyyy your weekend everyone!