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I have been unemployed for a little over a week now, and have spent each and every day applying for every single job I can possibly find that I am qualified for, and walking. I have to walk. I have to stop at some point in my ten hour straight marathon resume-sending to get a break. The stress alone of not knowing how long the money I have will last…   Walking has become my free time to clear my mind and make sure I don’t explode.

I have some pretty exciting hikes planned for the summer, and since it is finally warming up outside after a freezing couple of weeks, I started my spring training early =) So Jasper and I hit the foothills. I haven’t been hiking as much as I’d like, but now that Jasper is old enough to hit the tougher trails, I brought him a long for easier difficultly level to see how he’d handle it.

He did wonderfully, as I expected.
I have a list of all these trails to start hiking, gradually making my way up to the really tough stuff in preparation for the expert trails we’ll be on this summer. Wish me luck kids.

IMG_3415IMG_3356IMG_3408IMG_3404IMG_3352IMG_3350IMG_3348IMG_3332IMG_3325IMG_3318I obviously like the big red rock formations. We definitely don’t have that in Michigan. 😉