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I’m exhausted, and I am getting thoroughly annoyed at the amount of “I’m incredibly interested in you for this position, what time are you available for an interview/phone call/meeting/coffee” and then responding promptly that I’m available and then NEVER HEARING BACK FROM THEM AGAIN. Seriously?

And the amount of times every single day I fill out the same exact responses to each and every question. I’m dying from the repetitiveness of it all.

It’s been twenty-five days.

In the meantime, my birthday has come and gone, as well as valentines day and a visit from one of my closest friends in Michigan.

Valentines day was wonderful because I’m lucky to have a wonderful man by my side. I’m not a celebrator of the day, because it’s stupid. But, we hiked and spent the day together and that’s all that matters to me.

My birthday party went well enough, I have a bit of a birthday party curse and each year it blows up in my face. 26 was no different, but overall I can’t complain.

My actual birthday was amazing, again thanks to my boyfriend who is so incredibly there for me in every situation that I come across. Dinner, Wine, Dessert and the best gifts I could ask for. Probably the best birthday I’ve ever had. I’m incredibly lucky and grateful.

And last, a visit from my best friend from Flint, where I went to college in Michigan, and her boyfriend. It was a short weekend trip but it consisted of everything a trip needs. We spent time outside, we drank, we explored Denver’s art museum and we ate at amazing Denver restaurants. They were beyond gracious considering my financial situation and I couldn’t have asked for a better time with them.

Now, if only I could find a job.