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When you reach a point in your life when you can honestly say you have absolutely nothing to complain about… because even though there are bad things, they’re so tiny compared the masses of happy things you have in your life… I will congratulate you. I will jump up and down and hug you; because this means that you have truthfully learned to forgive and forget. You have learned not to sweat the small stuff, and you have learned that you CAN choose happiness. I am there.


In a conversation with my mom today I said something in passing, but it wasn’t until later that I realized how what I had said was so incredibly profound. I realized the deepness in the truth of what I had said. I realized where I am in my life today. I told her the following: “There is no child left in me. There is no teenager, there is no early twenty-something. Those parts of me are just gone. I’ve felt this way for awhile but it wasn’t until now that it has felt like I’m 100% there. I am truly happy with who I’ve grown into. I am stuck in a strange transitional phase between where I was and where I’m going, but I’m definitely ready to get there”.


I’ve been saying for awhile that I am working on something amazing; and I was. I had a series of projects that I started in April, almost one year ago. I started these side projects and they’ve almost all come together. They’re not done, but they’re almost there. All of my goals, my one year bucket list plans… they’re almost all completed. Almost… and there should only be a few months until I can honestly say they’re complete. Never in my life have I been so motivated, and anyone who knew me before and still knows me now can see the changes my life has been through, and the results are wonderful.