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A lot of this blog has been about “growing up”. Making it through your twenties (early twenties I guess), learning, and experiencing life. People ask me why I don’t write anymore and I never have a reason as to why. Life has settled down to some extent. Not to say I’ve stopped learning and growing and experiencing, because that will never be the case no matter how old I grow. But the experiences have slowed down. The lessons are expected. Life is no longer a surprise.

I’ve been through all the basic life lessons a handful of times now, and as they continue to come at me in the future I’m more prepared for the lecture I’m going to hear from the world and the reactions I’ll have in regards to it.

I’m turning twenty-seven in a couple weeks, and being my overly emotional self – I have a strong feeling about it. I feel like this is going to be a big year for me. I feel like 27 is going to be an important year. I feel like I’m no longer a student in the game of life but maybe, finally, I’ve reached some sort of point where I have direction and a more significant plan. My previous plans, in hindsight, have been in order to set me up, to prepare me for the next step. 27 feels like the start of the next round.

Life comes at you in chapters. I did high school, college, insecure times, and the life changing times.

Now I’m here, life changed. Awaiting the next step. I have entered into the next chapter, and as my life has taught me about growing up – there is nothing I should be waiting for. It’s going to be a long chapter. The plot will not thicken quickly leading to a climatic adventure and an exciting page turning experience. Life just is. I’ve entered the chapter of quiet confidence.

I’ve had a lot of time to think, I’ve made decisions based on my needs rather than my wants and hopes. I am no longer crossing my fingers for other people to make changes to my life. I have learned to take my life for what it is and carry on. This might sound slightly negative depending on the connotation you’re reading it in, however this is a positive change for me. Life is a bit easier when you aren’t waiting around for the things you can’t control.

Thanks for listening, friends.