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Tell me, world –

When is settling appropriate? What is the true difference between settling and settling down? When is risking everything for something potentially bigger and better no longer considered a good idea? Is it when you’ve reached a certain age? A certain income? A certain level of happiness?

I am happy; but then again when am I not? If there is anything ANYONE has learned from this blog it’s that I’m always happy. I’ve been in some pretty crappy situations in my life, I’ve stayed too long with bad boyfriends, I’ve had miserable employers and I’m dealing with a dying parent, but have you seen me lately with a frown on my face? I promise you that you have not. I’m happy. Always. I figure, this is life. This is just another step during another day, and I’m still alive.

If you followed your dreams and arrived in the city you always desired, and you have an amazing boyfriend and a job that pays well and doesn’t make you want to kill yourself – is it responsible to keep trying new things in an attempt for an even higher level of happiness? Since I can’t complain about my current life – if I don’t try to achieve more, am I settling for the life I have now? Or am I growing up and thus settling down?

Is this just what it feels like to be 27 and content? For the most part I’m completely unwanting.

For the most part. That’s the key phrase there. How far can I push it? Life is not meant to be perfect. People are not meant to be 100% totally happy and content and unwanting. The desire to be more or have more: that is the desire that pushes the human population to continue moving forward.

I’m happy. But the question remains… is it possible to reach that 100%?

What’s the risk? If I make a minor change in my mostly perfect life, could I lose all the other perfect pieces? I often find myself concerned when I’m stressed out in one area (because even perfectly happy unwanting people have their stressors) that all the areas are bound to fall apart as well. I’m often reminded by the people and situations that surround me that the puzzle pieces in my life are not usually effected by the puzzle pieces on the other side of the board, but only effected by the ones directly connected.

So at 27 and 98% satisfied, how hard does one push for a complete puzzle?